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Some of you are probably wondering what made me come up with a page like this in the first place.  I guess the best way to explain is to tell how I came to be a Monkeefan for Christ myself.

My father knew it,
And his before him,
And it goes way back down the line.--"Living the Legacy" by Point of Grace

It's hard to know where to start on my testimony.  I'm proof that God knows us before we are born because He brought my parents together at college in Utah (!) and protected Mama from a car wreck when she was on her way to the doctor's office the day she learned I was coming.  My parents dedicated me to the Lord before and after I was born and brought me up in church.  I became a Christian myself when I was two and a half.  I guess I had done something wrong (it's too long ago to remember) because Daddy and I got to talking about sin.  Daddy explained sin to me on a two-year-old level, and when I decided that I wanted to ask Jesus into my heart, Daddy led me in a simple sinner's prayer.  I've never regretted this decision.

This last summer, I went to St. Louis (where I was born, actually) to visit my dad's family.  Uncle J. is a major oldies aficionado, and he had recently obtained the Monkees box set.  Within an hour of my arrival, Joz and Hani (my cousins) had insisted on watching one of the tapes.  After the first episode, I was intrigued; at the end of the day, I was hooked.  I had just lost my grandfather a couple of months before, so the humor really helped me through the hard times.  I wound up watching 51 episodes in 6 days; I probably could have gotten all the way through the series plus Head if we hadn't taken a day off to go to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Home in Mansfield.   When I went home, Uncle J. found a couple of tapes of TVLand's Monkeejam '97 to send home with me.

Well, as the days went on, we had an opportunity to make our own webpage in my BIMM class at school.  Since I'd been in Monkee mode off and on ever since I came home from St. Louis and I can't seem to do anything without finding some way to glorify God, MFFC was born.

So now you know.

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