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March 2009

It's been ages since I had actual news to post here!  I do hope those of you who care about the Dudes have not needed my encouragement to keep them in your prayers.  Everybody always needs prayer, whether things are good or bad and whether we know it or not.

But I do have news now, and not good news.  Lisa alerted me to it, and I've confirmed it with a press release posted on Monkeeland:  Peter has Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, a rare but treatable slow-growing cancer that usually occurs in the salivary glands.  In his case, it's on the base of his tongue.  Radiation should take care of it, and he plans to be back on tour with Shoe Suede Blues by June.  But he still needs our prayers, especially since there is a risk of recurrence.  I'm praying, too, that God will work in such a mighty way that it will start to draw Peter back to the Truth.

September 2002

Time sure does fly!  It's already time for the fourth annual Pray for the Monkees Day!  Seems like only yesterday Shawna and I were giving thanks that the Dudes, their families, the backup band, and Natural were all still alive and kicking (if badly shaken from the day before).  This year we do have some losses in the Monkee community to mourn, especially Virginia Thorkelson, Peter's mom.  But there are also reasons to rejoice, such as Ami's marriage and the birth of Davy's grandson, Harrison Jones McFadden.  (I think we were all hoping it would be a boy for Davy's sake... and boy, can I picture him spoiling Harrison rotten! ;-) )

There are a couple of interviews floating around that may be of interest.  Back on June 20 Davy gave an interview to Mark Bradley Morrow on WCTL in Erie, PA, and in the course of the interview made some comments about his faith and his plans to record a Christian album with the help of Johnny J. Blair in the near future.  I have no idea if the interview is available online, but Morrow plans to release the interview on CD if there is enough demand from the fans.  Then late last month, I got word from our very own Terry Paul Broadhurst that he was able to secure an interview with Peter for Rock 'n' Souls Radio that contains comments from Peter about his spiritual life.  Because of RL obligations I haven't been able to check out the interview yet, but I'm sure it's very enlightening.

Well, that's all the news for now.  Join us Thursday night at 7 p.m. CDT for our annual Prayer Chat, and let's keep those prayers coming!  As Shawna says, God's really working in these men's lives!

Summer 2002

Believe it or not, the fourth annual PFM day is only two and a half months away!  At this point, we don't have anything major planned beyond our annual prayer chat, but please try to join us if you can.  That's a Thursday night, so hopefully there won't be any conflicts.

I've learned something from Sara that gives us a whole new angle from which to pray for Micky.   For a long time, all I knew about his stepfather was that he was a minister, and I assumed that he belonged to some Protestant denomination.  However, Sara showed me Janelle's obituary in the course of a recent, unrelated IM conversation, and one thing that caught my eye was a statement that Rev. Scott belonged to the Church of Religious Science.  For those of you who don't know, Religious Science is an offshoot of Christian Science, which is considered by most apologists to be a cult.  (You can visit the Christian Research Institute for more information, or check out The Kingdom of the Cults by Dr. Walter Martin.)  Now, I have no idea if Micky is also into Religious Science, but it does explain a lot, both about his interest in metaphysics and about his friendship with Mike, who is a confirmed Christian Scientist.

[By the way, please don't confuse Christian Scientists (who belong to the Church of Christ, Science) with scientists who are Christians.  There's a lot of junk science and faulty logic behind Christian Science that most true scientists can't stand.  I know whereof I speak; I'm a chemistry major, and reading up on Christian Science gave me a headache.]

December 2001

Sorry it's been so long since the last update; after 9/11, my thoughts were busy elsewhere.  But here it is, the end of the year, and so I thought I'd bring you a year-end update... or at least fill you in on things that happened since the last update.

Shawna, Terry Paul, and I had been discussing giving the Dudes some sort of award for most of the year, but finances were a big problem since our budget is $0.  Finally, over the summer I decided the best way to do it would be to give them each a certificate of appreciation and then make another one, addressed to the group, into a plaque to put in Davy's museum.  Shawna and Terry Paul agreed, so we got them all made up; I sent Mike and Peter theirs by mail, and I took the ones for Micky and Davy to the Grand Prairie concert.  I wasn't able to get backstage to see them, but I did finally find the proper channels to get them delivered, and since I haven't heard that they didn't arrive, I assume that they did.  I also sent letters to Micky and Davy on Sept. 10.

September 11 threw everyone for a loop, but by the end of the day word had gotten out that the Dudes, their families, the backup band, and Natural were all accounted for and unhurt, although group members who live in the Village were pretty badly shaken.  Very few people made it to the PFM chat on Sept. 12, but that's understandable considering the circumstances.  As it was, we had a great prayer time, and we encouraged each other a lot.

Not much else has happened since then, but we've kept praying on our own, and I hope you have, too.  We do, however, have a new prayer request:  Peter's side of the story of his firing has been picked up by the National Enquirer (with or without his permission--knowing how tabloids are, it may be unauthorized and totally false), and things could very well get nasty again depending on everyone's reactions.  Scroll down to read my prayer from when the problem first arose.  We may never know the full story, but we can pray that things don't get out of hand and that reconciliation will be possible.  And if it is a pack of lies concocted by the Enquirer, we can pray that it will be obvious to everyone involved and that any intended harm will not be caused (and also that justice will be served). 

September 2001

Rose here:  Yes, it's only a week and a half until PFM Day... and from the looks of things, they sure need it this year.  For those of you who haven't heard, Peter resigned from the UK tour, and then Micky and Davy fired him from the September dates as well.  (So much for me getting to talk to Peter at Grand Prairie.)  The few details we have at this time from MBF have a lot of fans up in arms--especially Nezheads and Torkees who are angry with Micky and Davy.  So here is my prayer for this whole situation, which I intend to send at least to Peter (which is why certain spots are intentionally vague):

Oh, Lord, our Father, Creator of heaven and earth, Holy One of Israel, and Judge of all hearts, You know exactly what's going on here.  You know where each of the Monkees stands in relation to each other and to You.  You alone, O Lord, know exactly what happened and why.  And so we humbly ask You:  Will You please fix this mess?

Lord, You know we're all shocked and hurt by what's occurred.  And because we're on the outside looking in, we can't figure it out.  We might have opinions, but we really don't have enough information to go on.  And You're the only One in a position to do what we'd all like to do:  get everything straightened out.  So please:

bulletComfort the hurt feelings on all sides and help everyone to forgive one another;
bulletGive Peter Your peace, which passes all understanding, and success as he travels with Shoe Suede Blues and James Lee Stanley;
bulletGrant Micky and Davy success as they continue to tour and traveling mercies as they head over to England;
bulletBless Mike in his endeavors with Videoranch;
bulletHelp our favorite foursome to resolve their differences, overlook the faults in the others, and overcome their own;
bulletHelp the fans not to forsake the Monkees, and give them the grace to behave seemingly at concerts rather than being rude or even violent toward whomever they happen to dislike at the moment;
bulletAnd grant the much deeper cry of my own heart about this matter, which only You know.

I praise you for all that You have done and all that You are going to do.
In the precious, holy name of Jesus I ask it,

Summer 2001

More evidence of Davy's convictions has recently come to my attention.  (Not that it's really any secret, of course, but I wanted to pass the information along.)  Go to the Davybabes' page, click the second button on the left (60's Articles), follow the link to the articles, and find the one titled "My Love Secret."  This was written back in 1967!  Thanks to Sara for submitting it to that site and to Brandi for sending me the link!

I'm hoping to get to talk to the Dudes after the Sept. 8 concert in Grand Prairie, and if I do, I plan to ask Davy plainly what his beliefs are.  I know a lot of us are wondering, and it would be nice to find out for sure exactly where he stands.  And hopefully I can also come back with specific prayer requests for our third annual PFM Day on September 12!

Speaking of which, we're just over a month away from PFM Day.  It's a Wednesday night, so if you could bring it up at church or Bible study (even if you keep it as an unspoken request), we'd greatly appreciate it.  I know we have some powerful prayer warriors on this team, and I know our prayers are heard.  Thanks to everyone who participates.  And judging from what's happened so far, who knows what might happen this year?

Winter 2000

Folks, it looks like we may have an answer to prayer on another front looming on the horizon!  For those who don't already know, no official plans have yet been made, but the latest report from Davy Devotees and Monkees Digest is that the Monkees (minus Mike) are going to be touring in 2001! [Shout "Glory!" or "Wahoo!" depending on your background!]  Not only does this confirm my observations from Davy's Fiesta Texas concert (which were further confirmed by other PFM members), but it also gives us an opportunity to witness to our fellow fans.

I can see the puzzled looks you're giving me about that last statement.  Let me explain.  Ever since the '97 tour ended, every serious fan has been hoping, wishing, pleading, and praying to whatever god they worship (fandom covers all walks of life, after all) for another reunion.  Now it's about to become a reality.  And this is the perfect time for us as Christian fans to explain to non-Christian fans Who exactly answered our prayers.  It may be harder to get through to fans who are adherents of another religion.  But the fact that Davy's change of heart about Monkeeness coincides with his turn back to Christianity (I still haven't heard for sure if he's actually dedicated or rededicated his life to Christ, but he's getting close if he hasn't yet) might be the very tool needed to convince someone.  So pray for opportunities to witness to non-Christian fans, and also continue praying for the Dudes.  If we can pray through enough to get even one of them to publicly admit to being a Christian, our witnessing efforts to others will receive a tremendous boost.

I've already put up several suggestions of things to pray for the guys, both here and on the new archive page (I didn't feel that I could take the info about the concert down yet).  Now I'd like to add another.  As I mentioned in "A Brief Explanation," it is often difficult for rich people to see their need for God.  In explaining the parable of the sower in Mark 4, Jesus said, "Still others, like seed sown among thorns, hear the word; but the worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth and the desires for other things come in and choke the word, making it unfruitful" (Mark 4:18-19 NIV).  While we need to watch out that we don't let ourselves become unfruitful by letting the things mentioned in those verses take over out own lives, I think we should also pray that God would break through the thorns that might be keeping the Monkees from serving Him.

Thanks to all of you who prayed on Sept. 12.  God alone knows exactly what effect our prayers had, but I feel certain that we were heard.

Hup two three four, keep it up, two three four....

Summer 2000

Well, I have some news.  Our prayers appear to be working, at least on Davy!  I went to his concert in San Antonio, and although I didn't get to speak with him personally, here's what I gathered from his performance.

bulletHe seems to be much happier and less bitter than he has been lately, especially when it comes to anything to do with the Monkees.
bulletHe grew up in church, and his family was apparently very active in the church.  Davy said that part of the musical influence in his early years came from his mother playing the piano in church and his sisters singing in church, being active in youth group, and participating in church dramas.
bulletHe made some very conservative pro-family statements during the concert, including something to the effect of, "The family isn't dead in America."
bulletSome of his other statements sounded either Christian or nearly Christian, and I got the impression from that and his overall demeanor that the Lord is working with him.  Whether or not he is actually a Christian yet I don't know, but whatever resistance he might have to the Gospel is at least wearing down.

Rev. Brown has heard reports of Davy singing something like "Send the Devil Out of Town" at some of his concerts.  He didn't at this one for whatever reason.  But that plus the things I've outlined above seem to give evidence to the effectiveness of our prayers.

Shawna and I traded emails a few weeks ago comparing this campaign to the march around Jericho.  We may not see huge results for a while, and we may actually meet with resistance and even ridicule.  But our prayers are having an impact, and if we continue faithfully praying, God will reward our efforts with success.

Don't forget that Pray for the Monkees Day, September 12, is only two months away.   Please spread the word as much as you can.  If our concerted efforts plus God's hand have accomplished this much in only one year, just think what our prayers can do if we redouble them!

A few pointers on things to pray, in addition to the suggested prayers on the main PFM page:  We can ask that God would place something or someone in each Monkee's life to turn their hearts toward him.  In Davy's case, that might mean something to remind him of his upbringing in church and (hopefully) the good teaching he received during those years.  As I've mentioned before, one possibility could be that something would turn up in the old Lutheran church in Pennsylvania that he's turning into a museum.  And there are also Rev. Brown's suggestions for all four:

  1. "Binding the strong man off of their lives.
  2. "Praying the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into the field to witness.
  3. "Claiming Isaiah--that God's word will not return to him void but accomplish this salvation in these men's lives."

Let's break down the walls of Jericho!